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Second Hand Binocular Scheme


Why India needs such a project

Around the country, there are hundreds of conservation related projects fighting to meet their objectives due to resource crunch and lack of sufficient funds. The Second Hand Binocular Scheme aims to bridge this gap for such projects and enthusiastic individuals. Through this scheme, we wish to support bird conservation initiatives by providing basic optical instruments like Binoculars and guide books that can greatly benefit them in their conservation activities. This would greatly benefit their bird conservation movement, help in understanding bird behavior and habitat requirement while also aid in generating interest and awareness among citizens.

These optical equipment and guide books will help in conservation and education projects in the remote parts of North east, which are so rich and vital for so many endemic and endangered birds other to the deepest sections of Bihar, where the level of awareness for bird conservation is very low. This scheme will support many small NGOs and NPOs doing remarkable work with little or no funding since it is very difficult for them to afford costly equipments such as binoculars and guide books on flora or fauna.

This is how you can help

If you or your organization have upgraded their optical equipment or guide books, and your old binoculars, field scopes or guide books are gathering dust, instead of selling these at throw away prices, donate these. Sending these valuable equipments to the scheme, which are useless items for you, will instead imply their use for conservation projects all over the country. Such donated optics will help people in dire need to get a step closer to the beautiful world of birds and this will help in better conservation and protection efforts. As you all know how captivating it’s to see a bird through field scopes.

How will the scheme help?

The scheme supports small organizations, NGOs/NPOs; individual groups etc in their conservations efforts by helping them in effectively carrying out scientific bird surveys, study local migration patterns through providing with necessary optical instruments such as binoculars. Create awareness among school, college students and locals. Help in training local bird guides, birdwatchers, and forest staff and provide them with basic binoculars and guides.

How will the scheme work?

After receiving the optics and guide books, we first check their condition. Once examined and repaired, these are cleaned, repairs fixed and properly stored until needed.

The equipment is sent to the person or project that have requested by courier or delivered through someone travelling to that place to keep the costs minimum.

We appeal to corporate, individuals and NGOs to donate or sponsor optics and guide books.

We keep a record of where we send the equipment and ask that the society/project agrees to help to stimulate interest in conservation, and not to sell the equipment for profit.

How can I support the scheme if I don’t have optics or guide book for donation?

Costs are incurred in packaging and sending the optics safely across the country by reliable courier services and other expenses. You can send a cheque or DD in favor of Nature Forever Society to support this cause. Any help in this regards would be greatly appreciated.

What equipments can I send?

Telescopes and Field scopes
Guide books
We can only use equipment that is in good working order.

How and where do I send them?

Please send the equipment by properly packing and sending it by courier as it is most secure and fast to the below mentioned address.

Nature Forever Society

Shop No. 14, Thakker's Pride, Opp. Siddharth Hotel Nashik Pune Road. Nashik - 422011 Maharashtra, India.
Ph – 09890087988, 9420001820

For more information please call on 09420001820 or email info@natureforever.org

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